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Money is so hard to get

Money is so hard to get

I work so hard get an okay wage I'm barely spending on living costs but the money just goes. I have car insurance soon. Everything is so fucking expensive. You know I should refuse to buy girls meals on dates until after sex. Because they only want a free meal most of them.
anonymous Other September 18, 2023 at 5:35 am 0
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Even if that's true, you should be one of those predators that should be advertised as "empty Mace can on sight." Or whatever type of chemical or weapon. You must idolize Brand and Masterson. Probably wrote an affectionate piece that at least had the word God and role model at least once. And all directed at him. If you're that hard up, buy a prostitute. Dangerous yes, but maybe you can get your rocks off. Or, there's masturbation. I never, and am proud to say that. I would NEVER use a dinner date as somehow a key to have sex. That's actually implicit prostitution. No wonder why women look at us men with contempt and even feel that going out with another woman is way better. You are a fucking asshole who can't cope and is probably a dangerous incel. Go find God and get a life.
anonymous 8 months ago
Dude, get rid of the car. Cars are expensive to buy, run and keep them road legal. Public transport will get you where you need to go, it sucks but that's life.

Also recommend you postpone chasing after women until you're in a stable enough situation to be able to at least look after yourself, and maybe try to be a little less incel-ish.
anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous from 2 hours ago said it best!
Elaine 8 months ago
Okay firstly just opened all the hateful comments. What is fucking wrong with you people? Honestly. I do support myself. I earn 1000 per week. I can afford to pay for their meals bit I simply believe many have zero intention of anything other than sponging a free meal and I am not their bank they are not entitled to just sponge off every man in the neighbourhood to help their living costs. It's extremely dishonest. It's not prostitution it's simply only paying for women that actually like you. Prostitution is dating a guy simply fir a free meal when you don't like him...
anonymous 8 months ago
Why would I ditch my car? I need it to get to work. I'm not ditching it. Ditch idiots like you.
anonymous 8 months ago
The land now requires the expression of hate, division, absence of principes, the telling of lies and armed agression in favorance of fundamnetalist fascism...get a hat and MARCH along to get along.
re elect only incompetent creeps 8 months ago
Because clearly you need more money if you're complaining about money and car related cost. Duh?

Getting rid of the car and getting on public transport will eliminate a whole bunch of financial problems.

But I get it, you're mad because you got called out for being shit with money and dating. Clearly not going to get anything other than abuse from you.

Take the advice or don't, either way you're not my problem and I just tried to put you back on the right path. Asshole.
anonymous 8 months ago
I don't need more money I want it. I'm earning more than most people certainly more than the average woman that won't rucking put out
anonymous 8 months ago
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