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Buckle up Trump

I want to see Donald Trump buckled tight into a prison restraint chair, gagged, and masked.
anonymous Other August 18, 2018 at 2:57 pm 3 7

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Sick fuck!
anonymous 1 year ago
They should pack Trump's mouth full of gauze, and hold it in there by wrapping his head with tape, and then use a type of lacquer to prevent Trump from taking it off. Then they should handcuff his right wrist to his left ankle, and his left wrist to a locked waist chain, and send him into the prison yard like that.
anonymous 1 year ago
Noone cares ****. Suck Trump's cock and your mom's cock too
anonymous 1 year ago
^-----Ewww, I would rather eat out of a diseased monkey's arse than do so much as shake Trump's hand!
anonymous 1 year ago
Seems like you're secretly fond of the dude since you come on here everyday talking about buckling him up and gagging him. Weirdo..
anonymous 1 year ago
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