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i think my family is abusive

My dad died when I was 11. I’m currently 15. My mom left my brother (14) and I home while she went to work. She told us to clean our dining room GOOD because we have some family coming over soon. And when I mean good, I mean scrub the walls until they are spotless. My brother and I argue a lot, and she said to make sure we don’t fight today. Just yesterday,
we cleaned the living room. My mom said she doesn’t want us to go to the living room until they come. At 4:00 we decided to start cleaning. We fairly divided out the tasks. I started cleaning but then my brother grabbed what I was cleaning and moved it because he wanted to clean the floor. In order to prevent argument, I left and went to my room (and it’s not like he would be doing extra work because he only had to do his tasks, not mine). I waited about 30 mins and went back downstairs to check on him. He wasn’t done, but he seemed close, and instead of going all the way back upstairs I decided to sit in the living room for a few minutes until he was done with his part. My brother saw me and got all pissed and said “get the f**k out!” I said stop raising your voice, and I’m only sitting here for a few minutes until you’re done. He repeated himself. I said no. He then proceeded to grab me (keep in mind my brother, although younger than me, is 5’11 and 185 lbs. I’m 5’4 and 115 lbs) and throw me on the floor. He then sat on me (knowing how heavy is and how weak I am) and started throwing punches. He then banged my head repeatedly on the floor and pinned my arm back so hard it felt like it was being dislocated. As he did this he told me I was worthless and lazy and that i’ll never be anything in life. When he finally stopped, I ran upstairs crying and proceeded to call my mom and tell her what happened. She called my brother, yelled at him and then called me back screaming “I told you not to fight. You always start problems. You are the laziest person I have ever met. Do you know what I wish? I wish you were both dead. I wish I would come home one day and find you both dead. Then i’ll finally be happy.” As I hear this, I proceed to silently cry. She then hung up. And here I am now. My mom doesn’t know but I’m already severely depressed and have contemplated suicide a numerous amount of times. I don’t know what to do anymore. Im just sad. I know my mom probably doesn’t actually want me dead and it was all just a heat of the moment thing, but hearing someone you love say they wish you were dead is probably one of the most heartbreaking feelings. Anyways, now i’m here. Writing this
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They're both just frustrated and your mom's probably tense about visitors and being disobeyed. A lot of 14 year old males get violent; I was like that for a little while, timid as shit, but would get a carried away and do regretful punches or slaps at family if PO'd too much. Best thing you can do is take the high road and just stay out of people's way when they get heated. When you're supposed to be working look busy even if you're not actually doing that much, maybe "clean" another place nearby instead of just sitting around. It helps a lot to try to avoid these fights & will make your family nicer to be around too.
anonymous 5 months ago
But yeah, to them it would look lazy to just sit and wait while everyone else is working. For a long time my siblings and I would work to keep our shitty house from falling apart every weekend and there's a lot of getting in the way so whoever's working faster or more into it you just gotta stay out of their way and hope other people do too when you're the one working harder.
anonymous 5 months ago
Look at 14 he is at a strange age where sometimes they have lots of hormones going on. However, it is not okay for him to do that if he had a father than perhaps he might have a male figure to teach him that but look I'm not going to take either side because you could be leaving details out but nonetheless I think he could stop being violent, you may be able to work on areas of yourself and perhaps your mum can too but the truth is it is yourself you need to be proud of so if they aren't behaving the right way that is something they need to reflect on and be judged on but your behaviour is something about you and you need to be able to look in the mirror and say you are proud of yourself and your actions because if they are good or bad that is their responsibility not yours and that has nothing to do with your behaviour, your behaviour is not dependent on that and is something that you need to work on so if you are perfect great but if not perhaps they need to work on themselves but perhaps you do to if you aren't perfect regardless of their behaviour.
anonymous 5 months ago
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