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What I think...

I think that this is not about a girl. I think that because I do not want a girl.

I think that I have a reasonable expectation of privacy in my own home.

I think that I am under surveillance and that that surveillance is unlawful.

I think that I was placed under surveillance without due process of law.

I think that the justifications for placing me under surveillance were all lies.

I think that people knew that I was under surveillance and chose to keep that information from me in a deliberate attempt to conceal the truth and perpetuate the crime.

I think that I have no obligation to anyone, not least of which apologies, to people that invade my privacy and lie to me about it.

I think that being under surveillance does not make me a public figure for which any special rules might apply.

I think that even public figures have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their own homes.

I think that being ignorant of what is being said about you by those that have you under surveillance does provide one with a credible reason to believe that I may be in danger.

I think I'm right and that I will win.
anonymous School August 22, 2019 at 2:41 pm 0 2

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When you want to make a legal case against someone or something what is the best way to do it? I'm asking because I am not a lawyer and I need to make a case. I don't have time to go to law school to learn law so I'm just going to wing it.

I figure I should just start with the points that I want to make. I don't really need to concern myself with whether they make sense or not... At least not initially.

I figure that once I've outlined the points that I want and need to make I'll search case law for Judges that have agreed with my points in the past. I won't concern myself too much with actual legalese because I'm not a lawyer and I don't want to appear pretentious. I'll just stick with English because Judges already know the legal stuff.

Does this sound like a plan? I think it's a pretty good plan for a non-lawyer that requires legal intervention in a matter.
anonymous 5 months ago
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