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When was it ever ok to call someone what you did and then fucking leave my ass alone. I’m fucking pissed off, not because I fell for your bullshit but because I actually thought you had feelings and were a decent person. I’ve tried to ask what the hell is up but again you just keep on fucking with me and I’m actually over this shit. You sent some shit that I could use to fuck up your life, that shit is actually stuff that people send to people they actually have feelings for and if your sending it to me then maybe you mighta had feelings for me but nahhh because you don’t give a shit about what you sent or what you felt because it was probably all fucking lies. To be completely honest I did slightly fall for your shit but I’m getting over it now because I now realise your full of it. Don’t even bother anymore tbh. All you see me as now is a fucking booty call and i fucking hate you and yo ass. who ever thought it was ok to treat someome like this. hope you find someone who deserves your shit more than me.
anonymous Relationships May 25, 2018 at 4:07 am 0 1

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Hahaha!! Keep speaking out of your butt dear Lapis-Lazuri (Deviantart user)!!! In FACT it is YOU and your fuckbuddy Satan whom wants all “evil plant and animal destroying hoomans!!!!” (humans) on this planet to die in horrible ways by the forces of Nature for just being themselves!! In FACT it is YOU and your fuckbuddy Satan whom laughs when a human dies in horrible ways!!! In FACT These 3 comments up above mine here PERFECTLY describe YOU and your fuckbuddy Satan 100% so do NOT you two even dare start lying about yourself and others again on this rantrampage website you fucking understand me you genocidal maniacs!?!?!?
TheVanishingKid 6 months ago
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