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Im actually so guilty of getting jealous at people who are extroverts and basically can communicate to people with no problem. I really want to be like them bcs im getting tired of being alone. I want to create friends as quickly as they do but I dont even have confidence. My school is FILLED with extroverts and i get jealous when i see them talk to so many people. I know i dont have the right to rant abt this but i js really wanted to get this off my chest. I know im the problem why im like this, im insecure and quiet and all that stuff. I actively want to change my attitude but whenever I do, something always happens that embarrasses me and eventually shuts me off the mood to talk. Also, im not visually appealing and have a history of being quiet so I think people may look at me as "weird" and stuff like that. This is a quick rant, sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes. Have a good day!!
anonymous School July 10, 2024 at 8:55 am 1
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something i have realised is that it isnt an introvert or extrovert problem its that society has always sucked for those who dont fit in with what is current or relevant. people are very selective more than just whos more outgoing than so and so and this whole introvert vs extrovert thing is a modern day terminology that people have used to excuse social exclusion when in actual fact people can be real pos to socialise with regardless of their labels.
bruh 1 week ago
okay first of all, people can think you're weird or whatever- it literally does NOT affect you. The insecurities? First of all, if it's something you can work on, then work on it. If you don't like it, wrok to change it. That, and if you have confidence, you won't be judged. The insecurities others know of you are the ones you give to them. Being 'not visually appealing'? bro. trust me beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Even if 99 percent of the world finds you unattractive, there are still 78 million people in the world that find you attractive. And fr what does it matter anyways. You go be as attractive or unattractive as you want and it doesn't matter. Everyone has their flaws, and you should embrace yours, for you are perfect with them. (btw extrovert speaking here introverts are cool asf)
:) 1 week ago
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