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The choice

Ignorance or reality? Red pill or blue pill?
anonymous Other February 12, 2024 at 8:57 am 0
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id pick heaven over both of those.
whatever 3 weeks ago
Lately we've been living in an alternate reality where up is down, day is night, bad is good, so then would taking the red pill even work to reveal the truth outside of this alternate reality or validate the truth as presented in the alternate reality.

anonymous 3 weeks ago
shut the fuck up. you dont know what i know. i dont care what you know or think you know. i want you to leave me alone!
anonymous 3 weeks ago
oh wait. sorry. though this was something else. i think the truth and reality are always the right choice.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
The ruling prison planet Basura Mojada IV, found way out on the Outer Rim of the Dyapurdt Belt has set this change of realities in motion. The fact that Basura Mojada is Trump's home planet is perhaps immaterial.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
is that reality??
anonymous 3 weeks ago
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