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not lying

I am not lying!

I have never wanted a girl!

So I am not going to search for some phantom broad that I know I never messed with!

Not going to do it!

Not going to chase phantoms!

I'm going to stick to pinning the blame on real life liars!

People that have actually lied to me time and time again!

If one person has been constantly lying to you it would seem idiotic to believe that that one person stopped lying and someone else picked up the lie baton.

It's R.E.D.

It was lie after lie from R.E.D.

It was lie after lie!

That was the pattern! That was his pattern!

I will not divert my attention away from the people that are KNOWN to have lied to me and chase some phantom broad just because the dude that had been lying to me said it wasn't him.


anonymous Other December 04, 2020 at 1:17 am 0
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