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I need a player 2

I need a player 2

Hi I am some dumb Emo kid who thinks its cool to use phrases like "I need a player two" like I grew up in the 8 bit Nintendo era even though I was born in 2002. I love to cut on my wrists while 8 bit tunes play in the background (again, not even being around in the 20th century, let alone the 1980s).

Yes, I need a companion so we can cut our arms together, and fawn on about how we are depressed, have Munchausen syndrome, or whatever mental problem will make us popular with the rest of the Emo losers.

P.S. Don't say anything bad about me because you will hurt my FEEEEEEWWWWWIIIIINGS and I'll sue you and throw you in prison, you Nazi!
anonymous Other September 12, 2019 at 8:53 am 0
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Yeah, you definitely weren't around in the 80's.. Thats 1 reason why they were so badass.. I'm not going to bore you with any other reasons.
Nowsucks 5 months ago
^I was born in 1976 but thanks for playing.

Back in the 80s there were no Emos. Because they would get their asses kicked everyday, and maybe their house burnt down.
anonymous 5 months ago
That's nothing. I bludgeon myself like some kind of cave jackass to Jungle Jams 1K20BC. Shit sucks, it's like I'm 3 different people some time just taking the car (me) out for a drive. Any hairy cavewomen around btw that wanna get down hard style?
anonymous 5 months ago
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