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I have a crush on my boss

I have a crush on my boss

She is so beautiful and like, i really love the way she walks? She just has mad charisma + an amazing body! She is upper management and I'm a drone so I haven't even spoken to her lol

I wanna talk to her but there is no reason for a simpleton like me to at all. I reckon I'm the last person they'd promote so I'll just have to forget all about it. She's probably married anyway and the deepest darkest circle of hell is reserved for anyone who would intrude on someone else's happiness. Y'kno; grubby dudes who see a happy couple and want to shit on it for a quick park.

K dipshit; she's married! And you're not a sub-human jerk-off so this rant is the end of your silly little crush. Stop glancing at her ass creep!
anonymous Relationships January 25, 2020 at 9:15 am 0
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hell, you probably know her name.. facebook stalk her.. nothing wrong with that.. granted if she doesn't have a facebook... oh well. sol.
At least if she does you can see if she is in a relationship / married.. not 100% chance she lists that information but.. worth a shot. if it says single... somehow.. make an effort to talk to her.. or at least get her to notice you.. (in a good way obviously.. dont make a clutz of yourself.. granted.. if it wasn't too bad you might get a laugh from her.. but for the most part dont be a clutz..)
I really liked your "--the deepest darkest circle of hell is reserved for anyone who would intrude on someone else's happiness." line. this happened years ago in highschool.. but i'm over that.. but something happened.. as of last month that.. someone... err a .. group.. interfered with my happiness and not theres nothing i can do.. its out of my hands.. out of my control.. but.. I don't think they should go to the "deepest darkest circle of hell" but.. at very least.. i'm glad someone else believes that people that get in the way of someones happiness deserves the DDCoH... :l
but no.. seriously just facebook her.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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