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Hateful people

Hateful people

Why? Why all the hate? Just because he won and she didn’t? The democrats have proven themselves to be the party of hate. As has the left wing media. Never before in our country’s history has a president been hated so much. Lighten up people give him a chance. Or keep hating and tear the country apart.
Kimmie Political December 14, 2018 at 5:03 pm 2
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Says the supporters of the most hateful asshole ever to be in the white house
anonymous 8 months ago

*Trump literally shits all over your face*
"This is fine."

It's cause and effect mate, shitty fucking Trump reaps what he shitty fucking sows.
anonymous 8 months ago
"Give him a chance!"

After two years, 15,000 children in custody, and the stock market's worst December since 1931?

He's not a fucking toddler playing tee-ball; he's a man paid to a job that he is hopelessly incompetent at. It's time he was fired.
anonymous 8 months ago
2016 is never over. You forbs will be in groundhog day until the entire Trump family has died out. Get out of it while you still can. You're going to make yourselv look like a beet.
anonymous 8 months ago
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