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I'm the creep?

Let me see if I got this right!

I have never wanted a girl in my entire life.
You are invading my privacy.
You are infringing my rights.
You go on and on about me not being able to get a girl that I don't even fucking want.

And somehow that makes me the creep? That's funny!

I'm the creep?

Well, isn't that the shit heap calling the rose a stinker!

I fast forward through porn now and then... Big fucking deal! I fast forward through it! I don't watch it like almost every other fucking male does! I fast forward through it! But somehow the other males are able to avoid being labelled a creep.

How are they able to avoid being labelled a creep?

Oh, I know! They don't have creepy fucking losers invading their privacy!

Did I ever invade your privacy? Nope! That would be creepy!

You're the fucking creep! You're also the fucking liar! And your "tracking" is definitely STALKING!

And what was it that I did to you?

I dunno... You won't tell me! Probably because whatever it is that you're accusing me of is a fucking lie!

I hate LIARS! I hate STALKERS! I hate CREEPS! And you have the nerve to ask me why i don't like YOU?

It's because you're a total piece of fucking shit!

anonymous Other December 03, 2020 at 7:30 pm 1
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