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Why is there comments on this site

Why is there comments on this site

Why does this site have comments so when you vent people don’t understand that this site is for venting and will try and argue with you when your just trying to let something out. They also try to defend someone or give someone the benefit of the doubt. Like we don’t need that shit. We just want to vent and not have people putting stupid ass comments under all our posts.
Darren Work September 22, 2019 at 8:28 pm 3
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What a cry baby it is not like this is connected to a E- mail or anything. The comments are here and if you don’t like it maybe make write in a journal.
anonymous 3 months ago
It's the toil toll. You have a place to subject others to your bullshit, and those who choose to torment themselves by reading it get to spit venom and unsolicited advice back. Eye for an eye, which is a perfectly divine and just rule.
anonymous 3 months ago
So... you're commenting about how much you hate comments?
anonymous 3 months ago
^^People can at least be repectful on this site instead of always attacking the OP for feeling a way such as you are doing right now.
^They're only talking about this site. Read the post again.

I think its dumb too. Also the fact that they have likes and dislikes for this site. I mean, how can you like or dislike a rant? it's a freaking rant??? So I can relate to this.
anonymous 3 months ago
^ You don't respect me. I am tired of women ruining everything whenever it offends them. Why should we pretend to respect one another online? It's nice to get away from that for some assholes. If you want to be unjudged write a journal like anonymous 1 said. If you want to be seen and feel unjudged leave post-it notes in the public water closet or look for another site instead of asking to change one that's been like this for years already.
anonymous 3 months ago
Don't like it? Go somewhere else
anonymous 3 months ago
^^Whp said anything about women?? The hell are you on about??? This literally has nothing to do with women as men are also on here seeking for either help or just needing to vent and yet people are being assholes towards him which I fucking hate this standing up for them????????
And we need to respect one another bc that is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. You know what the words “the right things to do means?” Honestly, do you? I guess not. Doesn’t matter the gender. Boy or girl, you need to treat everyone the same with dignity and respect. So idk the hell you are talking about but I stand up for both as I believe in both equality rights.
And so you admit you are an asshole? :3 Lovely.
And they can rant wherever they want. They can seek advice anywhere they want. It is your job to either just not comment or actually try to help the poster and not be a complete dick.
anonymous 3 months ago
See. "Treat people with respect because it's the right thing to do," but every sentence in our replies to each other are like knives going for blood. That's not respect. I am sorry, you are right, you all deserve respect and I'm not in the right state of mind to be arguing. But the fact is that I have been here for 5 years enjoying the comments more than the rants and I wish anyone who wants to take the pleasure of reading these comments away would find somewhere else to get what they want. The greatest benefit of comments is that we can get back and forth dialog like this instead of just posting rant replies that may or may not be ignored, (unless you never wish to say anything in reply, which I doubt.)
anonymous 3 months ago
"We just want to vent and not have people putting stupid ass comments under all our posts."

Because they will make a new post, quoting your post as a reply.

You know what I really hate? Little micromanaging assholes like you! :D
anonymous 3 months ago
Total idiot
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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