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The internet

The internet

I honestly hate people on the internet. Aside from the fact that our society is now being built upon mentally unstable attention whores who fuel their delusional beliefs by reading off the internet, it creates a nest of assholes who sit behind a screen, mouth breathing, with their hands down their pants. You believe anything and everything that is being spoon fed to you on purpose because you're too lazy to go outside and touch some grass. No one cares about your fake mental illnesses. You're just an asshole, stop using mental health as an excuse to be an ass to other people.
Anonymous Other September 23, 2022 at 10:50 am 0
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this is how I got to be the effing president..
anonymous 1 year ago
You can always tell it's a whiny kid when you read the words "touch some grass". Growing up on the network that we built with our blood sweat and tears, show it a little respect. And I do mean blood--literally lost many people to its construction and implementation in many parts of the world. And yet, people blame it on the Internet itself. We didn't want you in the first place, leave if you hate it so much. We worked hard to make a solid sound place where data can be exchanged. It was meant for other scientists and information enthusiasts to share our dreams. But the rich people had to have a part in it and take it for themselves. Then enter: the whiny brats who happen to be these bastard's parents. We didn't want you, nor did we want your fucking parents.
And please be more creative than saying something stupid like a roast or saying "Ok boomer!" or "Snowflake!" because honestly, we've heard it, and it isn't going to help your get any more pussy (or dick) than you're getting now, unless you count the ones as pathetic as you are, maybe.

FCGFJu 1 year ago
I think that your feelings are valid, the internet has its pros and cons. I think some people are not seen and others are taken and put under a microscope. The internet has created some bad people and also there are some out there trying there hardest just like you and me. The comment FCGJu left was very out of pocket. You are not pathetic your just a person with a opinion. its a wide variety of right and wrong and you are still aloud to have a opinion. Maybe keep it a little open minded but other then that I understand.
madeleine 1 year ago
The internet grew out of ARPANET, which was created in the 1960s. Like anything opened up to the public, it became a shitfest.

If you ever heard the term "Eternal September", that refers to September 1993 when AOL opened up Usenet to the AOL'ers, to the dread of thousands of existing Usenet users. "I can't program my VCR and I'm online!" the flood gates opened and the AOL'ers were unleashed, making a complete ass of themselves to the Usenet experienced, who were academics and hard core computer hackers. It didn't help that there was a bug in AOL's Usenet gateway software that caused posts to be sent twice at the time.

A/S/L age/sex check, AOL chat pits, onehanded typing, "I'm an AOL guide and there is a problem with your account. Please send me all your credit card info", and the stupid little AOL "riots". The morons existed in the 90s as they do now, only there are way more people on line, and you don't need a 2,000$ computer anymore.
anonymous 1 year ago
People on the internet are same ones as in real life. Only difference is on the internet you’re more likely to see their true colors. Credit to anonymity.

anonymous 1 year ago
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