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What is wrong with these women they won't date men age appropriate it seens unless he's rich. They are dating men 10 years younger unless shes obese. I refuse to date an older woman or an obese woman. Either I'm good enough or fuck off. I work hard, I work hard to have a good job, I'm tall, go to the gym all the fucking time they never do most of them to look half decent and still don't fuckimg want me. So if that's not enough fuck off then go chase some drug addicts degenerative
anonymous Relationships September 18, 2023 at 5:04 pm 0
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If you don’t like obese or older women why do you have to rag on them? Just go about your life dating 18-30 year olds. Obviously women over 35 don’t do anything to make your penis erect.
Helen 10 months ago
Because women that I like refuse to fucking date me. That's my whole fucking point
anonymous 10 months ago
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