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No FDA Inspections

No FDA Inspections

45's FDA latest ball drop in pandemic management: Not requiring inspections at the facilities making the covid vaccines. How's that going to assuage people's concerns about the safety of them -- on top of the fact they are, by most accounts, only going to be as effective as a flu vaccine at best?

A reminder as to what happens when these types of facilities are not inspected on a regular basis, one only has to look at the New England facility that killed people with tainted steroids just a few years back. The owner was also operating waste recycling center next door that only added to the lack of cleanliness problems at the facility. By the time people started dying from their products, things were so bad tiny black fungus specks were visible in some of the viles of medication slated for use.

Allowing the companies to operate on an honor system to police themselves is not going to wok either. They always put profit over safety. The lastest example of this would be the Boeing 737 Max fiasco of letting them handle their own inspections.

The FDA and other Federal safety administrations were created for a reason -- to make sure companies are making products that are safe for the public because of the fact companies have well documented past histories of not doing so if it increases their bottom line. Removing these companies from their roles will only allow companies to go back to this way of doing business, and that will not bode well for the public.
anonymous Political October 28, 2020 at 10:29 am 0
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This is a great rant, had no idea this was happening, thanks for posting. Inspections are essential to making sure a facility is capable of producing a vaccine safely.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
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