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Ok, Listen to this shit that I am currently dealing with in my own fucking home. I got up to make my mom water and dinner was just cooked (BY ME). My dad opens his mouth and yells at me "SHE SAID MAKE WATER NOT STUFF UR FUCKING FACE IN THE KITCHEN!!!" like I couldn't hear or know that I was not supposed to do that. He then tells me "You have to make your food last" after my gave my mom the water and me knowing damn well that I COOKED the food and I also have a family of 8 in one house I had to wait for all of them to make their food. Finally when I gets close to my turn my asshole dad walks into the kitchen and makes his food like he is cooking the food himself so I had to wait a while and I didn't even eat breakfast, lunch, nor any snacks that day.(FOR TWO DAYS AND I COOKED THESE TOO!!!)

He finally sits down and I was asleep at that point because I felt a huge wave of exhaustion hit me real fast. My little brother wakes me up because my dad told him too and when I woke up I couldn't control my body because it was shaking so much due to the lack of food being eaten. HE HAS THE AUDACITY TOO LOOK AT ME AND TELL ME WHY THE HELL AM I SHAKING!!! He tells me to make my food and when I do this asshole makes a small comment under his breath saying "Not all of it fat shit" and that set me off. I make my food and sit down to eat when my dad just kept staring at me and looking at my bowl "Show me Ur food". He literally told me to show him my food to check how much food I had and I had only a little. He then tells me to eat yet his dumbass chose to stare at me once in a while.

I look at him and he looks back at me while saying " Why the fuck you staring at me?" he also said "Want me to punch you in Ur fucking face stop staring at me" so I look at the TV which was playing criminal minds and I slowly eat. My dad being the dick he is grabs the remote and shuts the a TV off when he knew my other siblings were watching but when I watch he shuts it off and leans back like he did nothing wrong. When I get up he tries to get me to put his bowl in the sink and I ignore him while glaring at him because I did nothing wrong to the prick. Was I wrong?
Zedekiah Home September 16, 2020 at 11:05 pm 0
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"Was I wrong?"

Does it matter? I mean, to you? You're going to indignantly argue with anyone and everyone that says you're wrong. I know your type. I'm engaged in a battle with just such a person. Losers!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Your dad is engaging in something called crazy-making.
He is teaching you the rules of the game. You need to recognize what is happening and instead of trying to resist or defy it, learn why it's obnoxious and why you can and should rise above it.
You do not have to stay in such a toxic environment. There are many options. All you need to do is start looking for real solutions instead of wasting energy on determining who is right or wrong.
The only thing you've done wrong is believing you owe any sense of loyalty to the abuse you're enduring.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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