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my mother is very mean, she physically and mentally abuses me and she wants everything her way, like a dictator. I keep considering going to my dads house but she using that as blackmail saying you cant go if you do this bla bla. And then when shes happy she gets me amazing stuff like delicious food and shit, so i think back about leaving, but then the cycle just starts over again and its so frustrating and every time i mention how she does that she goes up in flames again.
anonymous Relationships September 25, 2020 at 3:31 am 0
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i understand what you're going through, i'm dealing with the same. that's emotional, physical abuse and manipulation. i recommend you going to your dad's house and telling him whats happening, or calling CPS, because emotional abuse takes a huge toll on you, and the manipulation doesn't help either it makes you feel like you're the problem. i hope everything gets better, no one deserves to go through this type of stuff.
anon 4 weeks ago
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