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I earn about 70k per year right. I am actually saving money financing sude corrupt deals to advance my future right. But... I have no girlfriend and no girls seem that interested... I mean I barely meet any except really young girls at my work and they all seem to treat me like I'm too old I'm 34 I mean its not old but that's how it is. I work in my second job with these mostly girls who have almost no money most can't even afford a car... I drive a hilux top of the range... I mean I'm more affluent than any of them. One drives home in a council scooter! And that's my boss.. in my first job I earn more than all of them. So I just don't get it I'm tall and I actually find this offensive because whenever people mention my height some say really ignorant things like I'm tall because I'm older... I mean you stop growing at 18 or 19 tops... but you get these people saying ignorant things I'm 34 now but at 18 I was the same height probably 17 actually. I just don't get it I work so hard but do I get the girl one of the girls I want? I am making more than most people don't care what people say look around honestly. Some people earn more than me but not most is a fact. I am not what I consider rich but compared to others I'm better off than most. As sad as that might sound it's true lolk at all the retail workers fast food lots of people. I don't get it.
anonymous Work November 21, 2023 at 7:30 am 1
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