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you ever realize how fucked up your life actually is? parents always fighting, then your mom ranting to you about their problems because your an only child making you their unpaid therapist, an alcoholic Father that is super closed minded with a self centered attitude. One night when they ended up not being on the same grounds, mother leaves and you with your father on the house your at your room not knowing who to rant to and quickly Realizing you don't have any friends and no one to run to, them losing all your capability to comprehend with language????
anonymous Other June 13, 2024 at 9:21 am 0
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Yeah, this sounds shit to be honest. Thankfully, for me, my childhood was not like this and I am generally a well educated, well adjusted, sensible, realistic type of person, who is capable of abstract thought and empathy, and I have emotional maturity and intelligence.
Naramuid 1 month ago
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