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I Tried to Deposit Shit in the Bank

I Tried to Deposit Shit in the Bank

So I was in line at the Bank waiting on these slow ass bankers to finish serving this asshole in front of me, and I had just ate lunch and was about to shit and finally the guy i front of me leaves so when it was my turn they send me the Carrier so I decided to give this bank a personal deposit

I couldn't hold my shit anymore so I unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled my pants down and placed the Bank Carrier under my ass and took a shit inside the Carrier as I placed it in the machine and hit send and oh my god the reaction was hilarious.

The Bank Teller yelled saying this is an Unacceptable Deposit.

I opened the door of my car and my pants was still down as I showed the Bank my Ass before getting back in my Car and drive Away.

When you think about it, Don't Bankers deserve Shit in Return for the Shit that they give to their customers?

Well I guess i'll be switching Banks now.
anonymous Funny June 13, 2024 at 9:49 am 0
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Who knows, but I was working in a different office today, and had a shit of epic proportions, it was a real surprise one, there was fucking loads of it, I was worried that I was deflating there so much of it, and it was so fucking stinky, a proper fucking reek, I did not know whether to be embarrassed or proud of myself for knocking out a proper humdinger, and when I was leaving, someone else was just coming in and I said I would hold my breath if I were you, the last fella has left a right full on scent...
Gordon 1 month ago
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