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Samantha you literally make me want to jump off a cliff. You constantly ditch me for other friends and havent asked me to hang out once this entire year. its me doing all the work. I had to walk home in the middle of the night by myself, and endning up being sexually harrased. you are a terrible perosn and i dont know why i keep tryn to hang out with you. i would much rather be laughing and having fun with the function kids than sit near you. you make me angry and all the drugs u do are starting to mess with your brain. your more irritable and make me feel little and like nothing. you stupid ass hs friedns can suck my balls because their so annoying too. you a loser and will always be a loser. nothingu u do can stop that. because the only reason any even the slightest bit poplular talks to you is because you have nicotine. no one will ever think of you as anything but nictoine. your not a good person and i do not enjoy being around you for extended periods of time. but i also dont appreciate being ditched. its happened too many times and ive given you too many chnces. i could have had better friends if it werent for you. your too awkward to even be around anyone. i wish i was skiknnier and people likes me a litltle bit more to be indoctrianted to your fg. i wish i was straight so people like me more and i could have more guy friends because lets be honest their funnier combined than you ever will be. kill yourself and i hate you. my parents dont veen belive me when i tell them that i wanna kill myself. they thinking im faking it bcause i ahave seen their texts. i just honetly am so unhappy with my life i hope i win for election because that weould be so fire. i just dont like how udrey cuts me off whenver we are walking. i feel little . i feel unwated. if i end up killing myself your gonna be first in the note. goodbe
Vivian Other June 23, 2022 at 10:09 pm 0
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