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I hate men

I wonder why its wrong to hate what is gross and disgusting in nature. It is true that men are more dirty and gross compared to women, louder, more crude, less sensitive and stuff. And weirdly, all the girls still flock to them after they done so many disgusting stuff and forgive them for weird reasons. I really dislike them and find that guys around me is just so gross, they make very sick jokes and speak of their girlfriends easily, is generally very much smellier than women and is so damn noisy and don't listen to instructions properly. They spit and make gross noises, also don't treasure their partner. They also cheat on their partners, touch women without permission and I even heard a friend was sexually assaulted by male relatives. They are more violent in nature and wants everyone in the house to listen to them and they are always right. I know that some would argue that not all men are like that, but I just think personally my threshold for bad behavior is very low. And I am jealous of their ability to make girls go to them without putting in effort at all and being so dirty. All the girls who complain about guys don't even mean it and they will just fall back to men in the end and marry them and forget all about their flaws.
anonymous Relationships February 25, 2020 at 6:31 am 0
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everything you said is applicable to women.. try listening to the horror stories that men tell of their girls.

let me start you off!!

ive had 3 gf that have been down the bad side of a relationship,
first one, before we lived together she seemed great to keep it short, but about 3 weeks into moving in together i notice she takes less showers than me.. i shower daily except weekends.. i counted out a week once and got twice. her hair from my memory went from beautiful straight, shiny smelled great. i loved to play with it.. then it was greasy and.. well smelt like someone unclean head. not kidding she also farted and burbed louder than me.

numba two, cheated... twice before i was told
and the third was a compulsive liar. would say whatever she could to get a guilt trip or to make her actions seem fair among other things..

so in essence your listening to one side.. try widening your gaze before making such accusations.

we are all disgusting creatures..
anonymous 1 month ago
"everything you said is applicable to women.."

You beat me to it.
anonymous 1 month ago
i get food caught in my beard..

once it was honey.

i didnt notice the whole day.
anonymous 1 month ago
OP really needs to get a fuck
anonymous 1 month ago
It sounds like the rant of a tranny. LOL

Bitch, brush your hair!

Suck my dick, you ****!
Ranter 1 month ago
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