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Do not tell people to seek Help

Do not tell people to seek Help

If you watch a song called Anxiety by Bmike you will realize your making their problem worse
anonymous Other June 11, 2024 at 2:09 am 2
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Don't base medical opinions on a song.
If someone needs help and has the ability to access it, support them in seeking and accessing it.
There is nothing worse than not getting help.
anonymous 2 days ago
There is a lot of worse things.

Do not base your advice on common sayings ("There's nothing worse than...")

Getting help, but the person offering help is a sadistic psycopath only interested in milking you for money or sharing 'funny stories' about their patients with their friends and family.

Or who has a real interest in making your problems worse, because they go into med because they like poking squishy things til they bleed.

That is worse than not getting help!
anonymous 2 days ago
Or making your life a living hell of being juggled around mental health services just because you reached out. Spending the equivalent of a 40 hour week dealing with psychopathic doctors, pill pusherz, waiting room attendants. Awful.
anonymous 2 days ago
"And don't even get me started" on the monkeys in nursing.
anonymous 2 days ago
Anyway, take these concerns seriously instead of being dismissive of real problems in medicine. We don't all have access to shop around the best whitest teeth doctors.
anonymous 2 days ago
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