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Dear trump supporters

Dear trump supporters

The U.S.A is sure going to have much to answer for by allowing the people that many of YOU put into power dear Trump supporters!! It is going against GOD'S WILL for this country! It is the most amoral, sinful, and demonic thing our government has done yet, trying to remove Biden from his rightfully elected position!! America has been allowing trump supporters to run it into the ground! The Trump supporters, with their Nazi agenda, work against God, and in favor of anything that is antichrist! Consider the two parties. Who supports murdering black people!? The Trump supporters! Who believes that pedos should be considered a normal sexual preference and be protected and allowed to hurt children!? The Trump supporters! Who supports this “conversion therapy” shit that kills anyone and everyone forced into it!? The Trump supporters! Which side has been trying to get completely rid of the necessity and much needed “be just like Jesus Christ whom did GOOD things unto ALL people!? Whom NEVER condemned anything that these Trump supporters claim that He condemned without any evidence of Him doing so”!? The Trump supporters! Which side has attempted, over and over, to destroy gay marriage, undermine love, mock the holy institute of “love is love”, and harm children by allowing these pedos to adopt children!? The Trump supporters! Which side has placed people like Carrie White’s mother in public schools, in the medical profession, as counselors, and even let them get jobs reading to OUR children, against our will, and without our knowing, in libraries, funded by OUR taxes!? The Trump supporters! Which side wants to force businesses to under-pay their overworked slaves that it will literally, destroy their business and force them to shut-down!? The Trump supporters! Which side destroyed the Obama-care systems, and forced a “healthcare” policy down our throats, that FAILED, and made us slaves to a tax system masked as medical care!? The Trump supporters! Which side is using a virus, not taking it seriously, lying about the effects, and lying about the number of deaths and exposures, all to kill even more people in our once awesome country!? The Trump supporters! Which side uses phony "global cooling" as another means of wiping out even more innocent life upon Earth!? The Trump supporters! Which side is working hand over fist, to try and abolish science, the very thing that GOD created!? The Trump supporters! Which side commits the most violence, destruction, looting, fires, church burnings, school shootings, and vandalism, by supporting the likes of the KKK and the Nazis? The Trump supporters! Which side has been trying to hurt President Biden before he was even brought into the spotlight back in 2018, all because he is a representative of God on Earth, is pro-truth, displays the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, stands for patriotism, and promotes morals and family!? The Trump supporters!
Which side consistently allows for discrimination, racism, persecution, and attacks on black Christians, especially straight black Christian males, but will say that ALL LIVES MATTER, and call us the racists for saying BLACK LIVES MATTER!? The Trump supporters! Which side wants to take away both free speech, and women’s rights!? The Trump supporters! Which side aligns itself with Communism, to the point that it embraces China and Russia!? The Trump supporters!

Do I need to go on? Because I can! The Trump supporters, trying to act high and mighty in Congress, trying to pretend they have a monopoly on morals, and are using righteous judgement against Biden and all of us who still honor, admire, support, and are standing for him, sure are showing their try colors as complete liars and hypocrites!! They have proven they TRULY do HATE the United States, and no matter the cost, they will use the last ounce of power they have, to destroy it and all of those who are putting our all into defending and protecting our freedoms, rights, liberties, traditions, families and President Biden, and protect our RIGHT to openly display or faithfulness to GOD our Lord!!!

Look at what is happening to America, and how these Trump supporters have manipulated and contorted reality, to rip this country down, one right and freedom at a time, and look what they have done to the ONE man, who is now trying to repair, heal , and shield this nation from those attacks out of his total love and devotion to this nation!! Biden gave up EVERYTHING!! He gave up a life of luxury, fame, comfort, and money, to lead us through the fire and strife!! He is THE LION of GOD, and warded off attack after attack from the Trump supporters! Now, they used their unwarranted illegal powers of a coup, to take him and his team out, because they couldn't do it with screaming on the internets!! They Trump Supporters couldn't do it with conspiracy theories, and they couldn't do it by twisting up everything Biden said and trying to kick him down with it!!

I feel sorry for ALL of you on the WRONG side of history, and the wrong side of God right now, and that is NOT those of us who are defending President Biden and show love and respect for this country! Someday, future Americans will look back at this, and read about it in books, and know that Biden was one of the GREATEST Presidents who ever served this country, and he did more good than any other President, and they will wonder how and why the American people, controlled and led by the worst people on earth (the communists and Trump supporters and the Nazis) did everything they could to take his leadership out from under him, and try to destroy him as a man!! Some of you Trump supporters are going to be hanging your head's in shame in the next 5 to 10 years, or pretending you had no part in it!!

Like I said, more than half of this country better start praying right now, and asking for God's acceptance, saving, and forgiveness!!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty Political January 14, 2021 at 12:13 am 2
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Trump is going to be remembered as being worse than McCarthy. And that is a hell of a 'feat'.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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