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Hi crush I just wanna say how are you? Are you doing great? Do you remember those fun time we had? I want to know how can you easily ignore my mesaages like that? While me I'm struggling and always waiting for you to reply. I always let you feel that I'm always here :> that just give me a message and I'll stop everything I'm doing just to reply. Why do you make feel like I'm a shit :< Its like you throw every memory that we have. I hope you find the happiness that you want :> I love you always.
anonymous Crushes January 18, 2022 at 9:55 am 1
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Maglaba ka muna! Ang landi mo! Nakakasuka! Haha
anonymous 4 months ago
Everybody knows your crush loves YOU...even if the crush dont know it. Be Happy.
pilgrim 4 months ago
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