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Alright, so storytime. *DISCLAIMER, HAS MANY CURSE WORDS* There was this fucking bitch, let's call her Rene, and she was fucking being a bitch to me and my friend at the park. She had a brother, let's call him Dan, who was also a fucking dick! They literally started acting like they were all that, and I used to have a crush on this guy, let's call him Brad, and Rene said she had one on him too! What a bitch.

anonymous Relationships March 27, 2024 at 8:58 pm 0
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Those people fuckin' piss me 'cuz I friggin' hate bullies so much that I wish they never existed. And so, they fuck off an' die for all I care.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Exactly. I’m like the author of this, so I fucking get what you mean.

anonymous 2 weeks ago
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