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This bitch called Abby who pulls that fuckin ugly long face of hers everyday to work, there's no point in u dressing up n looking pretty. Ur not even pretty, u just act to be like one. Somemore u put that ugly expressions on Ur stupid face everyday to work! I hope Ur kids get retarded when they grow! I really hate that stupid face of yours! Go pour acid on it or something! It's better for you without a face! How do u run a company like that? Oh I forgot it's stand for "A-Bitch-Who-Isnt-Nice" Service n u certainly live up to that name! BITCH service! How well-trained Ur dogs are,.. always following ur stupid ways, did u demand that they must be beautiful n bitchy to stay in Ur company? To say ur company place importance on customer satisfaction? Look, u scream goddamn loud at the customer and all people r staring at u, u call that satisfaction? Better I call some guys to give u that satisfaction so u know what I'm talking about, u bitch Abby! Fuck u n Ur retarded racist China dogs! Don't think I never heard u all talking about not hiring Indians and Malays for your company and then still dare waste their time for interview? Then let us sign a form to be employed until old age? Give people false hope, that's what Ur company is best at! And u serve that fucking boss Jack(-ASS) that shouts all the time! Think he's so smart or what, that he has the right to rule n control people's personalities to fit his liking? This company in Singapore, it is one of the meanest companies I have ever worked for! I hope you all get condemned to the deepest level of Hell! It's waiting for you!
Nathalie Work November 20, 2023 at 3:30 pm 3
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Those disliking this post had better be some hard working office workers, and not some young teen who isn't Asian enough to understand anything
Jose 2 weeks ago
Heard from a friend too!! This company stands for A-B-W-I-N SERVICE. She worked there before part-time. What she said - The manager and boss were very cold and heartless. They treated the staff like slaves inside the palace. Well the boss is a foreigner so he brought that 3rd world country culture into Singapore lol.
Lisebeth Ngan 1 week ago
Would do anything to get justice for my friend. This crazy China dog COVID spreader boss n his subordinates are insane. He needs a gd fking in the a$$h0£3
Jose 1 week ago
All they did was use verbal lies to bait for more n more money, in a way it's extortion. Then they don't do their job well, and blame it on their poor staffs working for them. Which is why they are still hiring for more people to settle into being their scapegoats. I wish the cops would just do something about it. It's not fair lol, but maybe all people are just scared and they jus wanna lay back watching others' pain and sufferings
Jose 1 week ago
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