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Ariel Live Action Disney Princess Movie

Ariel Live Action Disney Princess Movie

I am a redhead, natural-born redhead, no dye, no nothing, I have pale skin and blue eyes. As a kid I grew up with Disney and I loved to watch Princesses and the only one that I would look up to is her, Ariel the little mermaid. She was just like me and I loved her. When I heard a while ago that they were remaking "The Little Mermaid" I was so happy and I couldn't wait. When I heard who was playing it I was disappointed, very disappointed. I know what your thinking, that I am racist, no, I am not, I believe that all people are equal and people now or ever for the longest time don't understand that. It doesn't matter if your, black, white, yellow, purple, blue, or whatever we are all united as one, no matter who you are. What I am saying is that Walt Disney, the one who created Disney, is the one who envisioned his characters by what he thought was best. I honestly love Halle Bailey-Halle Berry, I am not being racist because I think Halle Bailey-Halle Berry would be an amazing actress and she is I just think that it shouldn't be for this. I understand where people are coming from but Walt Disney made a decision for his characters and I think we should keep the classics, I grew up with Disney. I just miss the old Disney and I don't think people are thinking of what Walt Disney would have wanted and what people nowadays want so it can start up a fight between people when we should be coming together. I miss the old Disney and Ariel :(
Elizabeth Other July 12, 2019 at 9:59 pm 0
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wow are you kidding me... halle berry looks nothing like ariel!!! sorry...
anonymous 5 years ago
I was watching Fish Smells, and I wanted to be the main character.

Unfortunately, I went crazy and threw my bookbag onto a metal shelving unit squashing my chocolate milk box soaking all of my books in delicious Hershey's Chocolate Milk, pushing a kid into a swimming pool, and writing "Fairy and Gnome" on a rocket.

I got sent to an insane asylum and I drew Smelly the Magic Mermaid on the padded walls with my own feces and urinated on a guard while chanting "Under the sea Under the sea, we are all Under the Sea, one of us, we accept you!"

I had to get put in a Hannibal Lecter mask and a restraint chair for a little while, but once they kicked me out of the nut house, I went and bought 100 packs of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snax and I went to the park and poured them out everywhere so now I am Under The Sea!
anonymous 5 years ago
It’s a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. It doesn’t matter who plays the part, because mermaids don’t exist. So, calm your racist asses down. No one died or got hurt because a Black woman with killer abs got to play an ACTING part. You weirdos would probably scream over my cousin playing a tree in his school play. “BUT BUT BUT…that’s not how the trees with which I grew up looked!” Idiots.
anonymous 1 month ago
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