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I have zero clue where to start. First of all, my best friend (of like 5 years, mind you) just leaves my ass in the dust like it was nothing. Just goes "Oh I didn't like you since we first met" and then gets angry and shit that I didn't change even though I've asked him the same things "stop being so aggressive" "maybe think this over", I say, and then the cunt has the fucking nerve to say that I didn't change? I DIDN'T CHANGE? Bitch, I've been making an effort, but all you do is, apparently, get abused by your shitty parents and wonder why the fuck other online friends leave you and you get banned from communities. I wonder what could have happened, no? What factor could have just, you know, allowed for none of this to happen?
Fuck off, you sniveling cunt. Eat shit.
anonymous Friends January 29, 2020 at 3:17 pm 0
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if you want to talk or need someone to confide in you can email me if you want too
goldnglare234@gmail .com
anonymous 1 month ago
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