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You can t talk to anyone anymore

You can t talk to anyone anymore

Talking to people is fucking useless anymore. You get the same stupid results over and over again.

The first thing that happens is that people just plain don't fucking listen. This happens a lot. It's not a matter of not taking time to empathize or think through things, it's a matter of them just literally not listening. You're sitting there talking and they're completely ignoring the fact that you exist. Ask them two seconds later what you just said and they won't even be able to pretend to have an answer. They have no fucking idea what you said because their brains never engaged.

Then the next thing that happens is that instead of trying to get your meaning, they twist things around to make whatever you said mean something that it obviously doesn't. After all, why would anybody let you make a damn point when they can take the same amount of time to use whatever you said to make their own point? Nobody wants to know what you have to say, they are too busy dominating with their own crap.

If they can't do that or it's not enough fun or you try to get the topic of conversation back around to what the hell you were saying in the first place, then they will start denying the basic premise of whatever you just said. Doesn't matter if they have to twist logic such that a figure 8 looks like a straight line, they want to discredit what you are saying. You can do scholarly research and give them a full color online slideshow and they will act like you just pulled whatever you said out of your ass.

If none of the above is having the desired effect, never fear, people will find more ways of being annoying. Concern trolling has been one way of doing this for a while. Tell somebody you're upset because your car broke down and you will literally have people telling you, "oh, that's not worth getting upset about, you wouldn't be upset about that if you didn't have some kind of underlying health problem making it hard for you to respond appropriately to the events in your life." And then depending on whatever their pet theory is about what disease we should all be obsessed with, that's what they start telling you you obviously have, and they won't shut up until you agree to go get a scope crammed up your ass, around your left ovary, up through your lungs, out your left nipple, back up your nose, and out your right eye socket because obviously they're right, you have colon-ovarian-nipple-lung eye socket cancer like all their other post menopausal friends, never mind that you are a 27 year old man. Everyone has their pet disease and that is the reason for everything. And they will not shut up until you agree that you have it and insist on getting treated for it.

People are fucking exhausting.
anonymous Other January 14, 2022 at 4:25 am 0
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trump4evber 4 days ago
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