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Women need to calm the F down

Women need to calm the F down

Random question in facebook from a girl:

"Hello everyone, I will be in Playa del Carmen for 2 weeks and looking for any good places for seafood"

Me trying to be helpful:

"Oh, you can try Inka, or "el doctorcito" which offer great seafood at decent prices, let me know if you have any specific things you want to try"

Girl on facebook:

"I have a boyfriend"


WTF, who the fuck cares???
Mel Dating May 15, 2024 at 4:14 pm 2
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She's just being a bitch. She finds it amusing demeaning you. Tell her to go fuck herself. She knows you weren't hitting on her
anonymous 2 weeks ago
I agree, and something happened to me a few years back, and it is even more relevant now than ever, and it basically makes me nonchalant about women, but dont misunderstand, I am not saying by any measure that men are perfect.

Now, as shitty as this all sounds, someone pointed out to me, that women are constantly struggling for identity, which is true, so they struggle with pretty much everything, they hate themselves, they hate other women, they hate people who do not bend to their emotional demands and needs, and they have a constant battle of emotional overload and often deep jealousy.

They often over react in most situations because they are emotionally stressed, which I grasp, and the reason they are so stressed and pissed off, because basically, they have no real value in modern society, they are struggling to find some value in their existence, I am not saying they cannot do stuff, cos of course they can, but the only, yes the only thing they have over men, is the ability to give birth.

In short, generally, the truth is that men do not actually need women, apart from the birth thing, men can do, and do, everything else women can do, sometimes better, sometimes worse, and where sex is concerned, men can have sex with women for sure, their girlfriends and wives, other men's girlfriends and wives, prostitutes if they choose, who of course have no real value to those men apart from in that moment.

Lots of men do love their wives, some deeply, most moderately, and some are sometimes unfaithful, and often emotionally unhappy, though often quietly, and generally because the women in their lives are unhappy about something, sometimes they have valid reason to be, but often because they cannot accept there is simply no such thing as 'perfect' so make mountains out of mole hills in order to make their illusions more real.

Even worse for women, that trans women are now openly (if not always welcomed) accepted and are everywhere of course, so men can have sex not only with regular women, but with men, and trans women, who are often seen as hotter to some men and of course have the sex drive of a male, so to the men in question, this is all a bonus and often comes without all emotional craziness of a regular woman.

This all generally leaves women wondering where the hell they fit in, emotionally stressed, struggling for some value, and though I struggle with myself sometimes with their own struggles, I am actually very happy to have as little contact with most of the women I know, as I possibly can because the truth is that they make everything, yes everything, far far more complicated than it almost always really needs to be or should be.
Laurence 2 weeks ago
Honestly, I have had some gorgeous women in my life, and some I have loved very much, but truthfully, I can tell you, if I had another chance to re run my time, I would be single, possibly even casually gay or bisexual and just have the odd fling, because other people, most often women, bring endless complications that are often pointless and needless, and a waste of time and energy.

I feel women take up such a lot of energy, and I have been worn out over the years by the constant need for verification about some emotional blip about this, that, them, those and whatever it is today.

I have learned that most women, can never be really happy, they seem incapable of just being, and smiling at the world, and being quiet within themselves, for even a minute or a second, and I feel this in line with what another person said about their self loathing and a deep jealousy over so many things, usually other women, and they seem to have some self sustaining constant internal turmoil they seem unable to resolve, that makes no sense at all to many men or even other women (because women are also super critical of other women and often for no good reason).

I am now hitting 60 and I am at peace with the fact that women have very little value for me on a personal level, do not misunderstand me, I enjoy interacting with women, in social places, at work and so forth, but I am content with having no women in my personal space, my life, is very much simpler and calmer, and generally far less stressful.
Jon 2 weeks ago
Most of the hottest 'gals' I have fucked are trans gals, and I can honestly tell you, there is no feeling like it, no comparison, you just literally get your rocks off, get their rocks off, and everyone is real happy, content and elated, and none of the emotional bullshit that comes after banging a regular bitch.

A couple of the regular women I have fucked in the last few years, the only ones that were almost worth the effort were also fucking crazy, so now I just stick with the mutual pleasure of trans gal cos its fucking gorgeous sex mostly without too much complication.
Zach 2 weeks ago
It is only more recently I have really noticed, and/or become aware of how much women complicate everything, and are always half way between some emotional blackmail/crises state.

Someone else on here mentioned about how women are in some constant battle of self loathing and jealousy and this made me think and look and I realise that every single woman I know well enough, aka my mom, sister, cousins, friends, are like this, all of them, always critcising everyone, worst of all each other and other women, always having mini breakdowns about things that in the end really do not matter.

It was like some flash of light moment for me, I must have known but kind of ignored it, who knows, but what I do know, women are actually crazy.
Andrew 2 weeks ago
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