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The amount of women who just tease men right have no interest getting married until they are 50 and all dried up and becoming ugly and old... I mean if a wan ages gracefully after giving you her best years treat her like a lady bit if she just fucks whoever during her youth treats men like shit doesn't get married than at 50 cries because now nobody wants her.. well she wasted her opportunity and no sympathy to be honest that's life leveling out the playing field because women have the youth as their peak men as they get older get money and that's nature ensuring there is equality. But look I'm 34 if I don't get an attractive girl I won't marry anyone if some 50 year old wants me they can fuck off even if I have nobody at 50 if they wait that long nope I'm not interested pay for your own lipo and fake tits. Get on the corner if you can get work at that age... but look I go for a nice girl if they don't exist I'm not compromising and I will horde my wealth as a bachelor with no woman expenses much and I will become richer and richer. When I die I'll pick a male relative and they can get the lot. Someone who nobody expects if they beg for it expecting it or I think they are useless I will pick somebody else. Someone smart. Unfortunately I'm one in a million so might be fucked there but maybe only needs to be one. One to rule it all. My wealth has tripled in income in the past 7 months actually maybe 4 times. It's continuing to improve at that rate I will be rich and I am 34 relatively young. If I become old with no family costs I will definitely be rich and I will get promoted to the top with nobody holding back... sad to waste my genes but I could donate my body to science to develop extreme levels of evolution in high iq people. I am 170. Personally I felt could have done better if I tried more I'm too casual. I work extremely hard I on paper am the perfect man but for some reason never keep a girl I like. Maybe one day.
anonymous Relationships December 03, 2023 at 6:29 am 2
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