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I don't get it. You go on like a Facebook dating group I notice men put up a photo I got 6 likes which is fuck all right but all the other guys got one and 2... which suggests I'm 3 times more attractive... okay you might say great... well fuck no it's not great.. first the women who liked me aren't young 18 year olds. I'm young and the women who liked me are like 50!!!! And than the women put up a photo 30 likes... 50 likes... fucking bullshit. How does that work half the population are women half men!
anonymous Crushes September 27, 2023 at 4:26 pm 1
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Right there. The first part of your "rant" if you want to call it that is creepy, disturbed and just reeking of immaturity. Then the rest of it, another post that can repel you just by reading it. While I do hope you find someone and at least you didn't stoop to violence, this whole rant is just intense cringe and reeking heavily of disgusting incel and finding art doodles of women much less other items not real women attractive. Get out there, don't be afraid to be hurt and have that type of talking you did in here shaved off. Maybe you can then talk like a person others like women want to have a decent conversation with you instead of telling you to get away.
anonymous 2 months ago
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