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Whose the creep

Whose the creep

Now. Don’t even come at me with how you didn’t want anyone to know some stuff and how you only told a select few people.

I apologized to you and you came out and apologized as well a bit ago.

You call me a creep. When I was tipped off where you would put your phone…. When it would buzz. You’re the fucking creep. Not me.

You posted and defamed everyone you used to work with on stuff that they ever did…..

Now you go and share everyone else’s business. I send stuff to some people and they never say anything as well as what you done to other people.

Now I’m not telling you my sources. I thought you were better then this.

I know more too. I don’t know your personal life. But I know it’s my business once you bring me into things or you’re doing things…. Just out there.

You would get so angry you would literally the veins would pop out and you would shake your fist in rage and would scream and yell at people.

Then you acted all happy to see people and went where you are now to talk shit about them
anonymous Other August 05, 2022 at 11:01 pm 1
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