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There is this guy I like, but I dont think he likes me back. He is a cute, skinny, tall and smart guy. He is 3 years and 3 months older. I am 15 (16 in 20 days) and he is 19. However, I am an ugly, short, fat, stupid girl with a huge forehead. I feel like he really does not like me.
Tirza Crushes December 02, 2022 at 7:39 am 1
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1st, stop shaming yourself on your looks, and focus more on being confident and healthy (thatll make you feel so much better and also tends to make people more attractive)

2nd, just try to be his frined. i dont mean be a total creep or excessive arond him just be yourself and have a few more conversations with him. itll kinda give you a feel for how you guys click and if you even wanna keep liking him

3rd, theres plent more fish in the sea; hes not the only one even if it. feels like it. dw im sure you'll figure it out good luck
anonymous 1 year ago
you are a child and he is an adult report him if he is doing anything to you
anonymous 1 year ago
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