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roll over doj fbi good boy

roll over doj fbi good boy

"maga wacko backlash fear, to disappear their own conflict of interest investigations,"

Funny when the FBI "raided" Mar-A-Lago, and then the Maga men made death threats against them in return, they gave the most pussy cat response imaginable for an agency like that. Yes, the FBI, the BIG SCARY 3 (III ' - . THREE) LETTER AGENCY wussed out. Trump has the DOJ, and the FBI by the balls, and no one will stand up to them, except for show investigations and that show jail booking in Georgia a while back.

I guess our supermen were engaged in naughty and illegal activities, and Trump has all the pictures and e-mails to blackmail them with in NOT Mar-A-Lago where they can't find them, and fuck the American people, 'cause they need to save their own asses.

America is more of a joke as time goes on, and it's becoming more unfunny too.
anonymous Other February 11, 2024 at 10:37 pm 0
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J. Edgar Hoover would be turning over in his grave at how neutered the FBI has become as an investigative agency from its heyday of digging up the dirt on the rich and famous when he was proud to be its Director... even though in his personal life he had no "Pride" whatsoever.
anonymous 4 months ago
Don't forget that the Oklahoma City bombing was only about 30 years ago. The Maga clowns were making threats directly against the FBI, and I was shocked at the lackluster response they gave. But FBI 2020s is clearly not FBI 1990s, and they have gotten so nerfed when it comes to actual threats. Obviously there is some real dangerous cozying up to right wing extremists going on at the FBI these days. :-(
anonymous 4 months ago
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