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Rich kids eyeballing Gaza 4 real estate investment

Rich kids eyeballing Gaza 4 real estate investment

Here in the us, crazy rich big kids like Jared kushner are eyeballing Gaza for waterfront property

Because he knows that white people in south Florida burned down the homes of African Americans in south Florida and then built their now multimillion dollar homes on the land they pillaged.

Jared kushner like many other rich old big kids in the us think just like their racist parents and don’t see anything wrong with ruining innocent peoples lives as long as those innocent people aren’t friends of theirs or family of theirs.

Just like African Americans lives are just collateral damage to him, Palestinian lives are just collateral damage to him as well.

This is why people shouldn’t wait to jump in and help when they see atrocities taking place. It wasn’t directed towards you but now maybe soon it will be …when the rich old men with the same sicknesses of their fathers notice something you have that they think they should have instead of you.

My hope is that Jared kushner gets his way, at this point, since we all know the damage is done in Palestine and then immediately Ivanka gets cancer and dies and the new real estate in Gaza is bombed by Saudi Arabia to show the world what happens to you if you try and fuck people over for money.

That should have already happened in South Florida but sadly, racism is too strong of a spirit here and nobody with the money to do that would because they’re trying to hold ont o it, but they should have.

Fuck #thekillers aka #theIDF and fuck #aging50somethingrichbigkids who are on the fast track to Hell
Lilita Home April 02, 2024 at 2:09 pm 1
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Those things piss me off.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Kushner family and Netanyahu are thisclose.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
If it upsets you, good because that means you’re not a monster. The beautiful homes that line the water in South Floria all stand on top of land where African Americans homes were burnt down before those Africans were forced to move into ghettos where their families still live today. Western imperialists are trying to do to Palestinians what they did to African Americans because their hatred and greed knows no end,

But they all still claim to be good men and they’re all protected by a system that is historically racist.
Lolita 2 weeks ago
"Jared kushner"

Let's say what he wants plays out. He will end up getting pillowcased and beat up in the middle of the night by angry Gazians.

Now we get to the the torture scene in the movie Law Abiding Citizen. "This is for your penis, but we'll get to that later.", says one pf the kidnappers who is holding a knife. Jared looks just past the masked men and sees plastic containers of caustic chemicals, surgical instruments, a hammer, and a hacksaw. A forboding machine to which car jumper cables are attached is very close by. That beachfront property isn't so sweet now.

anonymous 2 weeks ago
What absolute lies. Honestly the bizarre mad conspiracy theories people put up. As for kushner if he buys up nothing to do with that other hogwash mad lies. He is Jewish and of course Jews are often obsessed with Israel and that region, so he's rich he would buy up for sure. Nothing to do with dribble and lies you make up. Honestly a nut born every minute.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
The anonymous poster is mad that white trash like Jared Kushner and other POS just like him are being exposed For who they truly are. What happened in west palm beach and other parts of south Florida isn’t a lie and if you look into it, you’ll see Hared Kushner himself saying that ‘Gaza is prime waterfront real estate.”

Where’s the lie? That is his EXACT WORDS he used recently in an interview and if you don’t know that is history , that’s your fault for being ignorant.

There are no lies in the above post and your denial of the truth doesn’t make the truth a lie. Who Jared and his step father are is obvious, and I wish all of this were a lie because it’s insanely ugly but unfortunately, it isn’t. These people are probably more awful than we could ever imagine considering they’ve already proved themselves to be worse than I personally thought anyone would ever be.

#fucktheIDF #fuckJaredKushner #fuckDonaldTrump and ##fuckracistwesterners #FreePalestine #nojusticenopeace
Lolita 2 weeks ago
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