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You're really good at asking questions, you're just not very good at answering them!

You say it's about a girl! Okay, who? How? Where? When?

You don't fucking know! And neither do I!

But you insist that it's about a fucking girl!!

Well, let me tell you something, asswipe, if this were about a fucking girl, if anyone would know who this fucking cunt is, it would be me. But I don't seem to know who this cunt is! Why do you suppose that is? Could it possibly be because I have never wanted her? Doesn't that sound plausible? Yeah, I think fucking so!

And don't talk to me about that Plante bitch! That bitch is a skank and a half! And any fucking moron that can read English can see that I had no fucking interest in that cunt at all!

Fuck you!

anonymous Other October 28, 2020 at 1:13 am 0
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