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Poachers are the worst! They are monsters who are destroying wildlife and causing innocent species to go extinct at an alarming rate. It's terrible to think that people would value their own interests over the survival of these beautiful and precious animals. Poaching can have tremendous consequences on the environment and is an incredibly cruel and inhumane practice. If we don't put a stop to it immediately, we risk losing valuable species forever. These poachers need to be stopped and held accountable for their crimes. They must be stopped before it's too late!
anonymous Political December 03, 2023 at 9:00 am 0
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I hate poachers and “big game” rich hunters who pay to kill endangered species. I boycott a lot of businesses because their owners and CEOs are obsessed with killing endangered animals. They act like it’s okay because “the money goes to conservation” (if it even does), but they could just donate if they actually cared. I don’t understand why people get off on killing an animal that is nearly extinct. Did they wrestle the rhino with their own two hands? Did they invent the gun they used? No. So how does it make them tough to hunt those beautiful creatures? It’s a sickness.
anonymous 3 months ago
I also have a strong dislike towards big game hunters who pay to kill endangered species. In my opinion, conservation efforts should focus on protecting and preserving the species, not on using them as a source of entertainment or a status symbol. Such practices are unethical and unsustainable, and they are detrimental to the species, the ecosystem, and the communities that rely on them. I agree with you that these behaviors are a sickness and should be heavily discouraged or banned outright.
anonymous 3 months ago
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