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oh this isnt a rant lol

oh this isnt a rant lol

this isn't a rant at all, well unless i have the definition of rant wrong because i have defined it in my head as a NEGATIVE run on something and i can't be bothered to google the definition right now but i'll definitely keep that in mind because i can't let myself not know the definition.

anyway, i love him so much. this man has given me a completely new point of view on love. after my first love, i genuinely thought i couldn't love someone that much again. i was heartbroken, it took me a long time to get over it. it was 5 years. we were so incredibly toxic to each other by the end and i felt it was a trauma bond but the beginning was such raw love. i thought after him i was just doomed to never feeling that level of passion for someone again. i was wrong.

this man now exceeds all the chickflick men and i can't believe he's real. he's so awkward and tries so hard. he casually drops the most romantic lines i've ever heard 20 times a day. i genuinely can't believe it. he takes care of me in every way and is so patient. he never sees me as a chore. he prioritises me and actively shows how much he cares. he assures me without me ever needing to ask. i feel so much comfort with him. i feel the best when i'm with him. he encourages me to be a better person and he isn't a pushover. he's careful with me. i'm not gonna lie, i didn't take him seriously talking to him at first. i thought it was just another guy to waste my time on, now i get giddy when he replies. i feel like a teenager again. this is a bit dramatic considering i'm 21. he knows the right things to say. i am so happy. i get nervous around someone again. he values me and i him. i really didn't think this was possible again. im in awe.

and im being really careful with him because i'm his first for everything. i feel so lucky and blessed to have met him, i can't believe he fell for me too. i don't want to do anything wrong. i really feel something serious again. it feels so nice. i really could cry rn but i wont cus im not a pussy ass bitch. god give me the strength to not mess this relationship up, i hope we stay together. i've never met someone i've been so in sync with. i'm sleepy now, bye rant.

speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.
"she was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all"

oh lol fair enough i guess i'm not angry so this isn't a rant.
and ffs i need to google what impassioned means. i'm an idiot.

filled with or showing great emotion.
"she made an impassioned plea for help"


anyway i love him sm that's all bye mwah

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this is the sweetest thing ever, I really hope I can experience this one day. My biggest fear is that I will remain alone forever, or with fleeting relationships that don't have this love you talk of infused in them. I'm so happy for you, and hope it works out forever :)
anonymous 2 months ago
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