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More BS From Bibi

More BS From Bibi

Israel is trying to play off that targeted attack on the WCK Food Aid convoy as a "tragedy of war" - which is what they call ALL their targeted killings of people they want disappeared. And people helping innocent Gazan civilians Israel is genocidally trying to exterminate are people they want disappeared.

Israel deliberately targeted each clearly marked WCK vehicle individually -- and with extreme malice, even though the route was cleared with Israel beforehand and was in a deconflicted zone :

1.They bomb the armored first car, the survivors manage to get out and into the second armored one that only makes it 1/2 mile.
2.The second armored car is then bombed, the survivors manage to get out into the third regular car, and go another 1/2 mile.
3.The third regular car is then bombed, with the bomb making a bullseye through huge the WCK logo on the car's roof, killing everyone.

If anyone thinks this is an accident, they only have to refer back to the Israeli killing of their own 3 escaped Israeli hostages who were executed with the same extreme malice even though they did all the proper protocols to prevent their deaths at the hands of their own forces. This is how they operate, they mean to kill as many Palestinians as they can. And anyone helping them or anyone in Gaza for that matter, including the Israeli hostages, are bound to the same potential fate of genocidal death Israel has been issuing to the Palestinians.

anonymous Political April 03, 2024 at 1:25 pm 0
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All tyrants ae pretend hump loved by other tyrants and so we need to be careful of upsetting the boys in their grab fest...Putin, Kim Trump, Orban, Netty....the club. They do not allow dissent.
trump4evber 2 weeks ago
This is all mission accomplished for the Israelis as one Palestinian was killed in the group. /S

As for that one Palestinian, so shocked they've not used his presence to run the incident through their usual wash & spin like so: IDF was targeting some Hamas terrorist tunnels and the lone surviving terrorist, a high ranking member wearing a suicide vest and carrying 2 others suicide vests, emerged from a manhole and jumped in the lead car holding the people at gun point. He then had the driver stop and had all exit the car, detonated one vest as a diversion and took the second car hostage in the same manner, instructing the driver to to stop after a short drive where all exited that vehicle and he once again used a vest explosion as a diversion while all ran to the third car. After driving some distance the hostages tried to overpower the terrorist who then detonated the bomb killing everyone.

When asked to provide proof of their fantastic tale they will say its coming soon, meaning our props department will need a few days to half-assedly stage the scene.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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