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modern society is broken communication

modern society is broken communication

people who only reply to me bc they want a reaction from me are annoying. if they cant contribute ti the conversation nor answer my questions maturely then im not going to give them the reactions they want. why is it whenever i complain about feeling like no ones listening to me they give me attitude for it and tell me to rather rudely that im almost not worthy of receiving extra attention yet theres insecure middle age and older men whod say any sort of shitty joke for a reaction and attention its pathetic its also why id rather not date nor marry anyone and people are crummy friends really who just seem to have friends based on their outward image or their facades bc they cant be arsed to be genuinely having to put extra effort into listening if its not a topic of their interests.

sometimes i just want a normal two ended discussion without attitude or a damned joke. no one takes what i say properly anymore its like they give me barely the minimum listening time and only reply if its something of interest to them. so tired of modern society and its inability to not seem like utter two faced cunts who turn a blind eye the moment you mention a topic they do not like or they do not care about it so they do not discuss it with you.

it is so hard to find connections with people even close relatives seem so distant nowadays not even hearing from them for months or even years. friends who seem more like people you once knew or maybe never knew or people you once considered to be tour friends but they never were

also when you try venting to people they dont fucking care anymore for listening to anothers complaints in case it might critique them in any way why am i expected to ask for more from them when they should care to give more efforts into basic communication that they clearly lack in yet theyll yammer away about the most inane shit possible and id just be listening bc ik im not going to get extra attention that i have been lacking recently. knobheads. people r utter knobheads. cant fully trust them cant fully get their attention nor have them look at you when you are trying to talk to them all bc its too much effort on their part.

people dont own up to anything these days they deny and deflect as much as they can and tell those who feel worse to simply not ask much from them.

people still on the streets and rich people be like nah they dont get to invite people into their homes unless its their other rich relatives. people telling kids its ok to be as obnoxious loud and demanding for attention will only make them shitty friends as they get older bc no one would want to be around a spoilt entitled brat when they become an adult. am tired of having to often do twice or thrice the effort for a measely unthought out response or often only getting a small handful of one sided responses from people who dont really care about you.

am tired of the way christmas and other holidays have become about being as excessive and expensive as they can be yet no one give a damn if no one can afford it shops be like hey lets up the prices again.

am tired of every form of entertainment being so overpriced and overhyped to the point its like we cannot simply enjoy it anymore without having to invest a fortune into it

am tired of attitudes and entitled pricks who think they get to be the star of their mundane world whilst the rest of society gets ignored or is often left out of such experiences. once again it always seems to come down to having to fit ourselves to the way others want ourselves to be or the things we have to habe done and own in order to genuinely fit in with the rest of the herds.

am tired of always feeling like im just not ticking boxes anymore

am tired of being told how i should or shouldnt be and feeling like people dont truly know me anymore or just that theyd only want to be a friend for their benefit but not care for the actual connection we were supposed to have am tired of people seemingly brush off how i feel about anything and then denying that they do it when they claim to be listening but they obviously havent got the attention spans to truly listen to you unless its about themselves

people so self absorbed these days its saddening to witness
whatever Other December 03, 2023 at 2:12 am 0
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I agree it's like prick teasing. Because you show interest like you like someone. They show they like you in a genuine way you say no I don't have genuine interest in getting to know you I'm just playing a childish ego game to emasculate you who usually are a stranger to me. So there is that. It's kind of sad
anonymous 3 months ago
op here, id o not care for relationship at this point anymore. unless someone is pretty then guys my age would already have someone. if only my useless country would allow guns so i could just fckn kill myself. the only way to do it would be to go to murica but no jabs means i cant travel so am stuck in this useless pos country.
whatever 3 months ago
Well, definitely sounds like a tinge of depression offhand. A little aggressive and pessimistic but, im not commenting tk analyze anyone I just wanted to say I've been saying the same kind of thing. I do, unfortunately, live in America so if there's ever a possibility of citizenship swapping or some shit pls for the love of all that is left decent in this world consider me! I'm trying like hell to figure out how to make it the fck to Denmark or just about anywhere else in the world. Like I said though, I'm American and we have a stupid fckton of shootings mass or otherwise every other second around here and over the most trivial shit. Like the reports of dumbfcks killing people for just showing up on their doorstep or approaching a car they mistook for theirs and im thinking wtf has everyone's head so far up their ass they go ape shit over something so miniscule?? What I've basically deducted thus far is society on the whole has become so devoid of actual civil behavior and common decency and disrespectful behavior has become so rampant and normalized people just pop off at the very first indication of disregard and rude behavior, intentional or otherwise. Its almost like you could just breathe wrong in someone's presence and you're the buggest pos to have ever lived and deserve to die for it, or peolle are just so entitled they won't stand for even perceived incivility. Personally j was raised to be respectful of everyone, and polite, and all that shit and everyday nowadays im just blindsided by some angry whiney little bitch almost once a day because of I don't even know what half the time. I don't see there being much to do about it though. I just gotta keep pretending the frustration isn't building and keep as calm as I can on the surface. I'll be damned if I can't at least pretend these complete bottom feeders have any effect on me. The truth is thiugh, if im given the chance, I'd absolutely love the chance to leave quite a few mother fuckers paralyzed from the waist down if j thought I'd absolutely get away with it. Or under the right circumstances I really wouldn't give a damn if I did get caught as long as the most deserving waste of life got what they deserved. Like, fuck with my kid and ill murder you in broad daylight in a crowded room. 100% I'd caution you on the pretty thing though. Spending too much time with someone with no substance but plenty of looks sounds fcking miserable. If i had to put up with a complete moron or ignoramus for a majority of my time I'd probably end up suicidal anyway.
HoldenHIscoch 3 months ago
Okay op ignore the Holden tool... okay first don't kill yourself you are a good person that you expect better. We need good people to live let the duds die not you. Yes the nice people need to live the duds should kill themselves. So don't do it. Just live and if nobody appreciates you maybe make yourself available they might surprise you. I know van be hard. I'm 34 male I mean I meet girls they just tease me and nothing happens it seems the ones I like anyway. So keep persisting if you still find nothing well it's abit unfair but you can only try. But don't think you arentbvaluable you are. And again ignore captain Holden idiot above he's a flog... and I don't even want to respond to his comment
anonymous 3 months ago
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