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Liberals answer to God

Liberals answer to God

The U.S.A is sure going to have much to answer for by allowing the people that many of YOU put into power, hurt OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP like this! It is going against GOD'S WILL for this country. It is the most amoral, sinful, and demonic thing our government has done yet, trying to remove Trump from his rightfully elected position! America has been allowing liberals to run it into the ground, and the left and Democrats, with their liberal agenda, work against God, and in favor of anything that is antichrist! Consider the two parties. Who supports murdering babies before they are even born? The Dems! Who believes that pedos should be considered a normal sexual preference and be protected and allowed to hurt children? The Dems! Who supporters cross-dressing and transvesitism, and allowing men in dressed to use women's rooms, while trying to make laws FORCING us to use whatever "pronounds" these sickos choose that day to be their own? Which side went even further with that, and made it ok to allow queer, feminists and liberal parents to force their male child to "transition" and take hormones to stop puberty, so they can make all boys live as girls, because they hate men, just that much? The Dems! Which side banned the necessity and much needed, Christ based and scripture centered, conversion therapy lead by men of the cloth for confused kids, who have been corrupted and brainwashed by the alphabet mafia (LGBT) who are overrunning our school? The Dems! Which side has attempted, over and over, to destroy traditional marriage, undermine family, mock the holy institute of matrimony, and harm children by allowing the queers to adopt children? The Dems! Which side has placed homosexuals in public schools, in the medical profession, as counselors, and even let them the drag queens get jobs reading to OUR children, against our will, and without our knowing, in libraries, funded by OUR taxes? The Dems! Which side wants to force small business to pay unskilled, untrainable, inexperienced, entry-level workers and KIDS, so much undeserved in hourly wages, that it will literally, destroy their business and force them to shut-down? The Dems! Which side destroyed our healthcare system, and forced a healthcare policy down our throats, that FAILED, and made us slaves to a tax system masked as medical care? The Dems! Which side is using a virus, blowing it out of proportion, lying about the effects, and lying about the number of deaths and exposures, all to force mask wearing as a means to gag us, a quarantine as a means to control our movement and know where we are at all times, yet again, force businesses to shutter, putting Americans out of work and forcing them to depend on the government, and manipulating it all , to push a vaccine on us, which will continue the carnage that vaccinations have been PROVEN by REAL scientists and doctors, to have caused, and also to set the stage to implant chips and other micro devices in us? The Dems! Which side uses phony "climate change" as another means of shutting down an entire industry (oil and coal) force those people out of work, and create more government dependency and power over movement? The Dems! Which side is working hand over fist, to try and abolish religious freedom, and ban prayer, scripture, the Bible, and use the China Virus, as a way to prevent Christians from going to church and gathering? The Dems! Which side incited violence, destruction, looting, fires, and vandalism, as well as, aggression against our police, by supporting the likes of BLM and Antifa? The Dems! Which side has been trying to hurt President Trump before he was even elected, all because he is a representative of God on earth, is pro-life, displays actual American Christian values, stands for patriotism, and promotes morals and family? The Dems!
Which side consistently allows for discrimination, racism, persecution, and attacks on white Christians, especially straight white Christian males, but will say that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and call us the racists for saying ALL LIVES MATTER? The Dems! Which side wants to defund our police and military, while demanding they still protect them? The Dems! Which side has destroyed entire industries, cities, and even states, with their welfare for all policies? The Dems! Which side wants to take away both free speech, and a man's guns, so he can't protect his home, family and life? The Dems! Which side wants to punish success and hard work, and reward laziness and uselessness? The Dems! Which side aligns itself with socialism, to the point that it embraces Sanders and AOC, who are admitted socialists and even identify and register that way? The Dems!

Do I need to go on? Because I can! The Democrats, trying to act high and mighty in Congress, trying to pretend they have a monopoly on morals, and are using righteous judgement against Trump and all of us who still honor, admire, support, and are standing for him, sure are showing their try colors as liars and hypocrites! They have proven they TRULY do HATE the United States, and no matter the cost, they will use the last ounce of power they have, to destroy it and all of those who are putting our all into defending and protecting our freedoms, rights, liberties, traditions, families and President Trump, and protect our RIGHT to openly display or faithfulness to GOD our Lord!

Remember when I schooled all of you on the Satanic underground going on in this country? Some of you heeded what I said, some of you ignored it, some of you mocked me, some of you said that isn't possible, or I am making it up! Well, the proof is in the pudding now, isn't it?! Look at what is happening to America, and how THOSE people have manipulated and contorted reality, to rip this country down, one right and freedom at a time, and look what they have done to the ONE man, who was trying to repair, heal , and shield this nation from those attacks out of his total love and devotion to this nation! Trump gave up everything, a total life of luxury, fame, comfort, and money, to lead us through the fire and strife, he is like a LION of God, and warded off attack after attack from the left! Now, they used their unwarranted legal powers, to take him out, because they couldn't do it with an UNFAIR and STOLEN election, they couldn't do it with FAKE NEWS, and they couldn't do it by twisting up everything he said and trying to kick him down with it!

I feel sorry for ALL of you on the WRONG side of history, and the wrong side of God right now, and that is NOT those of us who are defending President Trump and show love and respect for this country! Someday, future Americans will look back at this, and read about it in books, and know that Trump was the GREATEST President who ever served this country, and he did more good than any other President, and they will wonder how and why the American people, controlled and led by the worst people on earth (the liberals and Democrats and the left) did everything they could to take his leadership out from under him, and try to destroy him as a man! Some of you are going to be hanging your head's in shame in the next twenty to thirty years, or pretending you had no part in it!

Like I said, more than half of this country better start praying right now, and asking for God's acceptance, saving, and forgiveness!
Scott L Political January 13, 2021 at 8:44 pm 5
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Nonsense! They’re just trying to impeach your lord and master for being a danger to our democracy! And God is just a particle. Also, I’m all for secularism. After all, religion must die!

BTW, you should move to Russia because there’s no democracy in there and Putin is the Donald Trump of Russia; plus, so many people in there are Neo-Nazis and I’m sure you’ll like it in there!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Zorg Zorg is the True Lord, and he warned me in a vision that Scott Larsen will burn in hell forever if he does not repent of his sins. Zorg Zorg loves Scott very much, and he is a JEALOUS god, and Scott is breaking his hearr, so he risks burning forever. An ancient book that's older than the Bible proves that he is the real God, so there.

Convert or burn. Prove Zorg Zorg does not exist.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
You wanna-be edgy and cynical clowns can mock God all you want, but when you SOON will face him, what will you do then? Sorry, but you're attempts at seeming cheeky and comical, or tries at being so intelligent that you come up with witty responses, aren't going to fly! Also, there is NO book older than the Bible! The Bible the word of God! Thus, that makes scripture the oldest writings, because God has been around from the beginning since HE created everything! Scripture existed with God from His creation forth! So your useless TEXT books about long-ago, outdated and primitive myths that some group of long dead people in a savage culture believed, are not going to top OR usurp GOD or SCRIPTURE, which both supersede YOU!

HAHAHA! "Zorg Zorg!" What a pathetic attempt at being soooo unique and different! You're all damn sheep to Satan and the liberal media!

The election was STOLEN from Donald Trump, who won by a LANDSLIDE.
Scott L 2 weeks ago
^STFU SCATT!!!!!!!!!!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 weeks ago
Advice? Cry more.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
What a pissy little atheist.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Keep crying.

The best way to fix this is to cry cry cry on the internet.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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