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My mum has been so fucking annoying all day. Let me describe the incidents:

1) She made me do all these fucking extracurricular homework that has fucking nothing to do with my current learning. I'm in Grade 8 and the fucking bitch makes me do Grade 12 work like bitch what. And whenever I say that I suck at it she started fucking raging like bitch do you expect a Grade 8er to have full fucking god damn confidence when doing Grade 12 math? Let me express my self you fucking cunt.

2) She kept taking up my time when I had more than 9 school work things to do. Like even though I had a whole pile of schoolwork waiting for me to fucking complete, she still made me do the fucking Grade 12 work. Like bitch do you want me to get fucking bad grades in school? Also, the Grade 12 work doesn't even fucking help me like my grades are the same as people who game all day. When I tell her that I am tired the fucking cunt immediately goes like "Oh so you don't want to work anymore right. You want to be lazy right?" BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP. Also when I ask her WHY I have to do advanced learning, she says that it's so that it would be easier for me in the future because I would be able to remember everything that I have learnt right now. Then a second later she says that I have a bad memory. Yes, I admit I do. But like bitch if you agree why are you making me do advanced learning when I'm fucking going to forget everything?!

Have a nice day everyone reading this. Comment if you wanna relate or smth

anonymous Home September 25, 2020 at 8:39 am 1
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