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I want to have sex with a married woman

I want to have sex with a married woman

Two actually. I'd settle for either one, but I definitely want to have sex with one of these two.

One is a hot Latina MILF with a fat ass and she always dresses sexy. I hit on her in the past and she reacted positive enough. I just imagine those lips around my dick, hot tongue licking my erection. That ass bouncing as I clap her cheeks.

The other is a hot fit Asian woman and damn she is hot. A few years ago I swear she flirted with me and I straight up called her hot last July which she, well I guess she doesnt get called hot much. Havent seen her in a while but Ive seen her husband so unless they separated, I'll probably see her again soon.

I know they are married. But I am sex-starved. Anyways just needed to vent about this. Probably wont ever touch either one but a guy can dream.

anonymous Other March 27, 2023 at 2:14 am 6
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If you have even a sliver of a conscience, stop. Unless both the women you refer to AND their husbands are okay with stuff like this you should stay well away.

That said, there are couples out there who are cool with it, seek them out instead, at least you won't be ruining lives that way.
anonymous 2 months ago
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