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I m completely justified in my reasoning

I m completely justified in my reasoning

I watch porn every day because I’m horny and ain’t willing to try getting real sex.

I get jealous easily because I grew up with people always having what want that I can’t get.

I act wierd around women because I never learned how to appropriately act around women.

I don’t jump at opportunities right away because I wanna be 100% sure jumping at the opportunity isnt something I will regret in the future.

I ask the hard questions because I’m a sucker for wanting more knowledge.

I don’t do the foolish/stupid/idiotic things because I don’t wanna look back in the future and say “I wish I never did that”

I am full of anger because I refuse to let it out.

I’m depressed because of many things, one of those many things is that society is calling homosexuality normal, when the truth is, it is not normal at all, It’s Sickening, It’s wrong and those who say it is normal are motherfucking morons.

I look at women like a sexual object because I never learned to look below the skin to the personality.

I can’t make friends because I’m too fucked up in the head.

I wanna make new friends because I don’t wanna feel alone, despite the fact that having family and friends does not change that feeling.

I want a long lasting relationship, but it seems like life has predetermined me to have small 3 month long relationships that are doomed to fail.

I hate people simply because they give me every reason to hate them.

I honestly believe I have the solution to the biggest issues of our planet.

I hate being on Earth so much I would kill to live my life on another Earth like planet, with other like minded individuals like me.

I hate living so much, sometimes I have considered comitting suicide.

I allow the problems of the world to be a burden for me to carry because no one else is willing to.

I hate sluts, Whores, Prostitutes and pretty much all kinds of women who flaunt their bodies so freely, Show some self-respect for your own privacy you idiotic nutcases.

I hate all memes, they are ruining our world, they need to end once and for all.

I hate stereotypes, and I want ALL stereotypes gone.

I hate religion, it has no scoentific backing and it’s full of idiots who believe in a fictional diety.

I hate politics, all it is, is lies, cheats, thefts, etc and must not exist on this planet.

I believe the greenhouse effect is very, very real and will be the end of our civilisation.

I believe the exploration of Space is a vital tool towards a better future.

I believe Flat Earther’s are idiots, Nothing in space is perfectly flat, in our universe everything commonly follows a sphere shape.

I belive we should ditch the Internal Combustion Engine for Fully Electric Tesla’s.

I believe we should ditch coal power for Solar Energy.

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This is making me so hot.
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