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I hate myself

I hate myself

I find this very hard to talk about, but yes, I feel like dying. Recently, I've been really anxious about school, family, and friends. Then, for some reason, I felt depressed one or two days ago and started crying during class. Finally, today after school, I threw a tantrum about the fact that I felt unable to do an assignment. Now, I regret having these feelings and want to relieve myself by dying, be it suicide or a fluke. I know you guys will be like, "NOOOO WE WANT YOU HERE". SHUT THE FUCK UP! All you've ever said about me is that I'm petty and that my being non-binary was bullshit! If I die, I don't think you'll even miss me, so what does it matter?! I'll meet you all in hell!
Terrified, Depressed, Angry NB Body October 30, 2020 at 3:28 pm 0
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First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you have been going through a really tough time whilst in school. Please know that things do get better!

Your life is extremely valuable, and it’s important that you keep on expressing yourself, be it online, to a person that you trust, or by seeking out support for yourself, to help get through the difficulties that you are facing.

Who you identify as should be respected, upheld and celebrated for you being true to yourself, which is an admirable quality. School can feel really awful when things are so tough, personally or mentally, so it is crucial that you take time out to find the right support to get you through these tough times.

Please know that your life is extremely important, and that there are people out here who care. I care about you, hence why I am commenting on your post. Your life is priceless, just like your self-worth, so please take care of yourself. School is not the be all, and end all in life, there are many great things to look forward to after you finish school.

Reach out to someone, and get yourself some support to help you along the way.
Marz 4 weeks ago
Thank you, Marz. I’m sorry if I was overdramatic, but I really have felt like there was no point in living before – not that I feel like that at the moment. Again, thank you for everything.
Proud NB 4 weeks ago
Your identity is valid. You're valid. I hope you know this.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
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