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How to let everybody know your music sucks

How to let everybody know your music sucks

Just call yourself some stupid fake bling name like "Princess Nokia".

Awesome, she is the self declared princess of those little candy bar phones with the tiny displays, and stupid MIDI ringtones for which wireless companies would rook you out of 99 cents or more each.

Just her name alone tells me her music sucks, and I would get much more enjoyment listening to a belt sander.
anonymous Other April 21, 2019 at 4:19 pm 0
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She needs to play Mariachi or salsa music and leave Hip Hop alone!!!
Queen Nile 4 months ago
^--so called modern hip hop is stupid. It's not like it was 20,30, or 40 years ago. I wouldn't even call the shit made today "hip hop".

No, it's now used to condition people so they ultimately get locked up, to continue feeding the Prison Industrial Complex. The only winners are the rich old white men, the "house n------s"/useful idiots used to chant and distribute this bullshit, the jail keepers, and Bubba.
anonymous 4 months ago
Fuck the retarded modern shit music

"Hey look at me, I'm Mr. Tiny Dick with all of the fake bling! LALALA I want attention!"


"I'm Sally Slut! I will be a grotesque circus freak in 20 years because of all of the plastic surgery I kept having! Michael Jackson didn't look as bad as I will!"
anonymous 4 months ago
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