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hes gone

i miss you much, u were my best friend since 8th grade and now u dont even look at me. people told me u liked me but i didnt beleive them bc we were too close, and ik everyone told me to stay away from u bc u caused problems but i couldnt u were too close to me. but u hurt me in way i couldve never imagined. u rlly chanaged me uk. but i still forgave u, but what did u do, u shut me out of ur life. when everyone told me hes not right stay away, i didnt listen to them, i stood next u. but i miss u now and ik we will never get back to how we were but at least look at me, smile at me, wave to me. acknowledge my existance for gods sake.
silly goose Other November 14, 2019 at 9:18 pm 0
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