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Trying everything I could find on the Internet cuz I keep looking fatter every time I hit the gym. No muscles, just bloating and my arms looking puffy. When I missed the gym for 1 week I looked a lot skinnier than I was before, so now I'm feeling very demotivated. I'm on a diet, low sugar, low carb but not much of protein(at least for now) It's still my first month so I don't know what to do... the only progress I'm seeing is that I don't get severe DOMs like I used to. And I can talk to people better irl. I just wanna loose some fat bro :(

Before anyone starts commenting "fat b*tch" , I'm not overweight and my bmi is just fine. If you have any advice for me, pls let me know. Thanks!
Bonono Body June 13, 2024 at 2:49 am 0
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They say its normal to get puffy but if its going to continue, AND if my clothes aren't going to fit me like ever since I started the gym what am I supposed to do? It's crushing my confidence and I hate crying.
Bonono 1 month ago
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