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Feminists who are actually fake losers

Feminists who are actually fake losers

For the first time in my life I’m questioning my loyalty to other feminists. This is my first time feeling this way and I’m in my 30s now.

Why should I go with you (feminists)when the most vehement feminist I’ve ever met is a thief and con artist?

The Catholics and Christians I know didn’t do that.

The feminist I know manipulated me out of money and education and the no feminist people I know wouldn’t have .

I love the theory of feminism but embracing non feminist things is making me happier.

Sorry not sorry feminists and here’s a clue: maybe if u weren’t so toxic and abusive financially and psychologically..maybe I wouldn’t be embracing so many things u yell at me for liking.
Hahaha Home December 02, 2022 at 10:16 am 2
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For a merry xmas send all your spare cash to Mr Presdent Donald Trump for only he can deliver the truth and the light and end the satanic democracy and he needs the money as the loans is got too much interest.
Bless You 10 months ago
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