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I hardly fucking think so! You can't just place somebody that isn't doing a damn thing under unlawful surveillance and claim that you're exposing him. That's just insane! You're not exposing me, you're victimizing me. You're infringing my rights! You're invading my privacy! You're harassing me! You're denying me answers to why you're doing this to me!


I'm not doing anything but keeping to myself in the privacy of my own home! You can't say that this is political! You sure as hell can't say or prove that I have been doing anything to you!

I'll see you in court! You can explain your actions there!

And I don't want a girl so there is no way that this is about a girl. There is no way that any girl is a victim of mine!

You don't think! You're just a moron that spews shit and then tries to justify his actions with that shit. But that's not the most egregious part of this whole thing. The most heinous part of this whole thing is that you haven't allowed me to utter one fucking word in my defence. So you can honk on fucking bobo if you think that I am going to backdown; I am going to crush you!
anonymous Other August 12, 2020 at 10:57 am 0
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